Ardoti is situated on a high rock above the Andaki River. Ardoti fortress village- near the Chechnya border was one of the forts to confront every attack. The St. Mary's cathedral was built by the order of King Tamar for the purpose of strengthening Christianity in 1212 in this farthest village in Khevsureti. The father Thomas from the Okrokana St. Georges church was the first to start prayer service. Dome of the Basilica style church was assembled by specially invited Greek workers. The only resident of this fort-Niko Ardoteli is taking care of the remaining ruins. Ardoti was the place where the residents of the three mountainous regions had made the oath.
Barisakho (1400m) - historical area of KHEVSURETI which is located at the southern entrance of Lower Khevsureti, at the distance of 100 km from Tbilisi on the road to the Village SHATILI - border with Chechnya/Russian Federation. Barisakho is at the bottom of a steep valley. This area is a cradle of classical indigenous Georgian mountain culture and customs accompanied by the incredible nature and landscape. The village of BARISAKHO, with a population of about 200, represents the so-called "Gate to KHEVSURETI" with relatively better access roads. There is the beautifully maintained museum of the artist Shota Arabuli.
Dartlo village is located in the wild and remote Tusheti region in North-East Georgia, hard up against the Chechen/Dagestani border. Dartlo, where the ancient towers make for a magnificent view, is mentioned in the old chronicles as one of most ancient villages in Georgia. In the village there are some wonderful stone towers, built for protection from outside enemy attacks and used as homes to live in during peaceful times. A family that owned a tower was considered a rich family. The Georgian King David the Builder used to pay many visits to this village, where he passed his time reading books and resting with the locals. Up on the steep mountainside, perched above Dartlo like an eagle's nest, is Kvavlo.
Omalo is the principal, administrative centre of the Tusheti region of Georgia. Village Omalo, part of Mtatusheti national reserve lies between the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range and the Pirikita Range of Tusheti. We can see a marvellous five towers of the medieval fortress of Keselo, above old Omalo in Tusheti with beautiful landscapes. Due to Omalo's high mountain location on the northern slopes of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range and the absence of well-maintained roads, it is largely isolated from the rest of Georgia for most of the year. Omalo fortress was attacked many times but never defeated.
Shenako (6,726'), which rests on a gentle slope, is famous for its ancient architecture and 13th-century Christian church. Shenako is located on the southern slope of the Greater Caucasus, in the historical-geographical area of Tusheti, some 100 km northeast of the municipal center of Akhmeta. The village is overlooked by Mount Diklo and contains a series of buildings of Georgian folk architecture and the old church of the Holy Trinity. There are Christian churches in Shenako.
Mestia - heart of Svanetia, is the main town and cultural heart of the Svan people. The townlet was an important centre of Georgian culture for centuries and contains a number of medieval monuments - churches and forts - included in a list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. the townlet is dominated by stone defensive towers of a type seen in Ushguli . A typical Svan fortified dwelling consisted of a tower, an adjacent house (machub) and some other household structures encircled by a defensive wall. Mestia is also a center of mountaineer tourism and alpinism. In Mestia you can visit also the world famous rock-climber's Mikheil Khergiani's house-museum; the famous skier's Boris Kakhiani's house-museum.
Shatili is a historic highland village in Georgia, near the border with Chechnya. It is located on the northern slope of the Greater Caucasus mountains, in the historical Georgian province of Upper Khevsureti. Located in the deep Arghuni gorge at approximately 1,400 meters, the village is actually a unique complex of medieval-to-early modern fortresses and fortified dwellings of stone and mortar. The tower-houses are connected by wood and stone bridges. Shatili village is a favorite destination for tourists and mountain trekkers.
Mutso is a small village in Georgia. One of the former strongholds of the historic Georgian province of Khevsureti, it is located on a rocky mountain (1880 m) on the right bank of the Andakistskali river. The village, almost completely abandoned more than a century ago, is a home to approximately 30 medieval fortified dwelling units arranged on vertical terraces above the Mutso-Ardoti gorge, four combat towers and ruins of several old structures and buildings. Difficult to access, the village retains original architecture, and is a popular destination for tourists and mountain trekkers. Listed, however, among the most endangered historic monuments of Georgia, a project of the rehabilitation of Mutso has been developed since 2004.
The Kazbegi region is situated in the north of Georgia. It is a part of the northern slope of the Caucasus range and encompasses the Tergi, Truso and Sno river valleys. The center of the region is the village of Stepantsminda at the foot of Mount Kazbek (5033m). Kazbegi is known for its extremely scenic church of the Holy Trinity, one of the most sacred churches in Georgia. Gergeti trinity church was built in 14th century. It is situated on Mount Kazbegi, one of the highest and most beautiful peaks of Caucasus, at an elevation of 2170 meters, in the village of Gergeti near Stepantsminda. Gergeti church is the main chapel of Khevi. It is a popular place for trekkers.
Village Ushguli in Svaneti, is protected by UNESCO because of the buildings unique defensive towers. At 2200m this is referred to as the highest village in Europe. It is located at the feet of Shkhara, one of the highest Caucasian summits. Typical Svanetian protective towers are found throughout the village. It is a unique architectural ensemble and is one of the most spectacular villages in Georgia. The superb location of Ushguli and the unique lifestyle of the people in the village make this a popular destination to visit.
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